About Me

Milena Bianga – tu jako Komandor Floty Międzygalaktycznej
Here as the Commodore of the Intergalactic Fleet (year 2015 – still in my pre-kundalini era)


A teacher of English (formerly), a translator/editor (still sometimes) and, most of all, a self-taught visionary artist, “colour and form alchemist” (I sense the vibrations of colours and forms) and The-One-Who-Mends-What’s-Broken-And-Beautifies. I love all forms of beauty.

A spontaneous kundalini awakening – a form of divine feminine energy (or Shakti) located at the base of the spine and usually untapped – that I experienced in 2015, triggered off a phenomenon known as “the shamanic illness” (still going on) and turned my whole world upside down. This was not a gentle invitation from Spirit to evolve. It felt like a punch in the stomach and got my attention immediately! A wave of shattering events overtook my life. Friends and loved ones that were nowhere to be found when I needed them the most. Physical inability to take on a regular job. No means of supporting myself. Living in constant haste and in a do-do-do mode was no longer an option. Any time I tried to do things the old way, in a hurry, excruciating physical pain would reappear with a vengeance. It became crystal clear to me: if I want to stay alive (I did!), I need to change my way of doing life completely.

As a result of practicing a profound dharma called Prajña Akasagarbha (“wisdom hidden in the womb of space”), a gift for visionary and archetypal art has opened in me. I consider myself a harmonizer and it is my joy to match elements that are seemingly mismatched and give new life to things that are damaged or for some other reason considered useless. This passion for resurrecting and beautifying things, combined with my love and dedication to Spirit, Mother Earth and All-Things-Mystical, has organically led me to art upcycling and creating my own system of energy-encoded PAPER art collages for inner “colour and form alchemy” (using colours and forms for self-healing), shadow work and inner balance/integration. Gazing at my art facilitates self-discovery that may lead to powerful self-healing. I create my artwork in higher states of consciousness, often inspired by insights received in dream yoga states, and in synchronicity with planetary cycles and cosmic alignments.

The need (or shall I say: the absolute necessity!) for slowing down and going back to a more natural rhythm of life gave birth to my completely new professional offer. Currently my services include:

    • my own energy-encoded PAPER art collage system for inner “colour and form alchemy”, shadow work and integration
    • PAPER art collage workshops (in the near future)
    • meditation/contemplation instructions for adults and chidren
    • astro-coaching sessions including the use of astrological Sabian symbols / The Gene Keys / Human Design
    • translation services (mainly English-to-Polish but also Polish-to-English)

As for my spiritual background, I feel a strong connection to Tibetan and Chinese mystical Buddhism yet I also have Christian roots. Currently I practice in the Chinese Esoteric School of Buddhism (Hanmi Buddhism) under the guidance of Vajra Acharya Zhi Wu. I am part of such global spiritual movements as Kaia Ra’s The Sophia Code, Matt Kahn’s All For Love and Richard Rudd’s The Gene Keys. I am an ardent promoter and practitioner of shadow work, especially in the sense promoted by Richard Rudd and his living spiritual transmission called The Gene Keys. I value and try to embody Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

On a private note, I love dancing in the company of like-minded people to the music that moves both my body and my soul, and in my pre-kundalini era I used to organize craaazy fancy dress balls. Take a look at some photos capturing the moments of our (only partially) controlled dance madness!

Milena Bianga