CREATIVA ZONE: Art Collage Gallery

What we are healing in our­se­lves, we are hel­ping to trans­form in ALL

My chan­ne­led paper art col­la­ges are ener­gy-enco­ded and are desi­gned for “gazing con­tem­pla­tion”. You gaze, you trans­form – it’s as sim­ple as that.

Toge­ther my art col­la­ges form an ever-evo­lving sys­tem of mysti­cal gates or por­tals that help the gazer to redi­sco­ver his or her own divi­ni­ty. My art col­la­ge sys­tem faci­li­ta­tes self-disco­ve­ry and assi­sts in the deepe­ning of your inner balan­ce. It sup­ports bet­ter syn­chro­ni­za­tion of your left (mascu­li­ne) and right (femi­ni­ne) bra­in hemi­sphe­res, hel­ping to trans­form the inner con­flict betwe­en the mascu­li­ne and the femi­ni­ne ener­gies within you. Doing this kind of deep sha­dow work will gra­du­al­ly lead to your gre­ater per­so­nal inte­gri­ty and ulti­ma­te­ly may help you re-remem­ber your own divi­ni­ty and sove­re­ign­ty. (It depends on you, your level of matu­ri­ty and com­mit­ment, of course.)

This gift for visio­na­ry art has ope­ned in me as a result of doing a pro­fo­und Bud­dhist dhar­ma prac­ti­ce cal­led pra­jña Aka­sa­gar­bha (“wis­dom hid­den in the womb of spa­ce”). My art col­la­ges are “down­lo­ads from the Uni­ver­se” or “magi­cal trans­mis­sions” that bypass the mind, also my mind! Later I have to “deco­de” them thro­ugh con­tem­pla­tion, main­ly with the help of such spi­ri­tu­al technologies/living trans­mis­sions as The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd and The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra. Also, Matt Kahn con­ti­nu­es to be a very rich sour­ce of inspi­ra­tion and deeper under­stan­ding for me. You can read more here:

Behind each of my art col­la­ges, the­re­’s a real-life rela­tion­ship sto­ry that is both per­so­nal and arche­ty­pal. And a mul­ti­tu­de of syn­chro­ni­ci­ties. In case you won­der, I have to grow into my own artwork too, by inte­gra­ting within the codes that are the­re. I’m just a visu­al sto­ry-tel­ler or an “expres­sio­nist pain­ter making a futu­ri­stic dra­wing”… seeing and sen­sing things ahe­ad of my time, trans­mu­ting pla­ne­ta­ry arche­ty­pes and hel­ping to dre­am new reali­ties into exi­sten­ce. Will you join me?

Ori­gi­nals are always hand-made out of paper and other suita­ble mate­rials. I have deve­lo­ped my own art tech­ni­que of cre­ating col­la­ges with inter­chan­ge­able ele­ments, thus I can offer alter­na­ti­ve ver­sions of the same paper art col­la­ge witho­ut digi­tal manipulation.

PRINTOUTS bring abo­ut the same ener­ge­tic effects as the ori­gi­nals and are AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. If inte­re­sted in buy­ing prin­ted copies, ple­ase send me an e‑mail mes­sa­ge or con­tact me via Face­bo­ok. Cur­ren­tly my onli­ne sto­re is under recon­struc­tion due to some law chan­ges in Poland but pay­ing via Pay­Pal is possi­ble.


More deta­iled infor­ma­tion ava­ila­ble on request.
I spe­ak English fluently.

Art Collage Gallery

by Milena Bianga

Reconciling Fire and Water 

Quest for Harmony Between the Inner Feminine and the Inner Masculine 

“Fate be chan­ged, look insi­de. Mend the bond torn by pride.”
*A friendly disclaimer: You gaze, you transform. This channelled, energy-encoded art is
highly transformative so you are entering this space at your own risk. Deep transformation is messy… yet beautiful!
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