CREATIVA ZONE: Art Collage Gallery

What we are healing IN OURSELVES, we are hel­ping to trans­form IN ALL

My chan­ne­led paper art col­la­ges are ener­gy-enco­ded and are inten­ded for “gazing con­tem­pla­tion”. You gaze, you trans­form – it’s as sim­ple as that.

Toge­ther my art col­la­ges form an ever-evo­lving sys­tem of mysti­cal gates or por­tals. The sys­tem is desi­gned to:

  • assist you in deep sha­dow work (no mud, no lotus!)
  • faci­li­ta­te your self-disco­ve­ry journey
  • help you to trans­form the inner con­flict betwe­en the mascu­li­ne and the femi­ni­ne ener­gies by sup­por­ting bet­ter syn­chro­ni­za­tion of your left (mascu­li­ne) and right (femi­ni­ne) bra­in hemispheres
  • lead you to your gre­ater per­so­nal inte­gri­ty and inner balance
  • help you to gra­du­al­ly re-remem­ber your own sove­re­ign­ty and divinity

It all depends on you, your com­mit­ment, and your level of matu­ri­ty, of course.

This gift for visio­na­ry art has ope­ned in me as a result of doing a pro­fo­und Bud­dhist dhar­ma prac­ti­ce cal­led Pra­jña Aka­sa­gar­bha (“wis­dom hid­den in the womb of spa­ce”). My art col­la­ges are down­lo­ads from the Uni­ver­se or “magi­cal trans­mis­sions” that bypass the mind, also my mind! Later I deco­de them thro­ugh con­tem­pla­tion. You can read more here:

Behind each of my art col­la­ges, the­re­’s a real-life, mul­ti­di­men­sio­nal rela­tion­ship sto­ry that is both arche­ty­pal and per­so­nal. And a mul­ti­tu­de of hard to belie­ve syn­chro­ni­ci­ties. In case you won­der, I have to grow into my own artwork too, by inte­gra­ting within the codes that are the­re. I’m just a visu­al sto­ry-tel­ler or “an expres­sio­nist pain­ter making a futu­ri­stic dra­wing”… seeing and sen­sing things ahe­ad of my time, hel­ping to trans­mu­te pla­ne­ta­ry arche­ty­pes and dre­aming new reali­ties into exi­sten­ce. Will you join me?

Ori­gi­nals are always hand-made from paper and other suita­ble mate­rials. Out of prac­ti­cal need, I have deve­lo­ped my own art tech­ni­que of cre­ating col­la­ges with inter­chan­ge­able ele­ments, thus I can offer alter­na­ti­ve ver­sions of the same paper art col­la­ge witho­ut digi­tal mani­pu­la­tion of the scan.

PRINTOUTS bring abo­ut the same ener­ge­tic effects as the ori­gi­nals and are AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. The stan­dard size of my art col­la­ges is A3 (abo­ut 30 cm x 40 cm). If inte­re­sted in buy­ing prin­ted copies, ple­ase send me an e‑mail mes­sa­ge or con­tact me via Facebook.

Cur­ren­tly my onli­ne sto­re is under recon­struc­tion due to some law chan­ges in Poland but pay­ing for a collage/donating via Pay­Pal is possi­ble.


More deta­iled infor­ma­tion ava­ila­ble on request.
I spe­ak English fluently.

Art Collage Gallery

by Milena Bianga

Reconciling Fire and Water 

Quest for Harmony Between the Inner Feminine and the Inner Masculine 

“Fate be chan­ged, look insi­de. Mend the bond torn by pride.” 

From the movie “Brave (Merida)”

A friendly disclaimer: This channelled, energy-encoded art is highly transformative so you are entering this space at your own risk. You gaze, you transform.
Deep transformation is pretty unglamorous and messy… yet achingly beautiful. But the “holy mess” leads to rebirth.
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