CREATIVA ZONE: Art Collage Gallery

What we are healing in ourselves, we are helping to transform in all. 

Matt Kahn, “Everything Is Here to Help You”

My paper art collages are energy‐encoded and are designed for simple contemplation. I create them in profound meditative and contemplative states. My collages serve as “mystical gates” and gazing at them facilitates self-discovery, self-healing and reaching the state of inner equilibrium and integration. They support synchronization of our left (masculine) and right (feminine) brain hemispheres, helping to heal the inner conflict between the Masculine and the Feminine inside us. You can read more here: about my art collages

Originals are always hand-made out of paper. I have developed my own art technique of creating paper collages with interchangeable elements,  thus I can offer alternative versions of the same art collage.

Copies (printouts) bring about the same energetic effects as the originals and are available for purchase. 

(If interested in buying copies of my artwork, please send me an e‑mail message. MY ONLINE STORE TEMPORARILY IS OUT OF ORDER.)


More detailed information available on request.
I speak English fluently.

Art Collage Gallery

by Milena Bianga

On Both Sides of the Looking-glass

Quest for Inner Balance Between the Masculine and the Feminine 

“Fate be changed, look inside. Mend the bond torn by pride.”

Spiritual Teachers Who Have Inspired Me