Reconciling Fire and Water

The Quest for Inner Harmony
Between the Masculine and the Feminine 

Our Great Mother does not take sides. She protects the balance of life. 

From “Avatar” movie

Mystical gates

Together my art collages form a system of “mystical gates” designed to help open-minded people to interact with the Source/the Divine. (Different people may use different names for the Divine, personally I am open to various spiritual teachings/lineages. The most important thing to me is if they are heart-centered and non-dogmatic.) My art facilitates self‐healing and reaching the state of inner equilibrium in a way similar to mandalas and images of spiritual masters.

How it all began…

I started creating my paper art collages when a wave of shattering events overtook my life. A life-threatening disease. Inability to take on a regular job. No means of supporting myself. Friends and loved ones that were nowhere to be found when I needed them the most. It all felt like trials by fire and water and was an unexpected result of spontaneous awakening of Kundalini energy in my system. In those moments the Universe called to me. “Transmute what doesn’t serve you any more, or die.” And the Universe wasn’t joking. Oh no!

My first collage titled “Yearning for the Earth” depicts my Mother’s parents. I created it on 1 November 2016, spontaneously.  No one was more surprised than I. It was All Saints’ Day in Poland. All I had wanted was to somehow honor my deceased ancestors. But that’s how it all began!

I am aware now that this gift for visionary art has opened in me as a result of doing a profound dharma practice called Prajña Akasagarbha (“wisdom hidden in the womb of space”), currently taught in the Hanmi Esoteric School of Buddhism (Prajña Akasagarbha: dharma practice description).

At first I wasn’t  sure what I was actually doing but I felt within my entire being that this form of art therapy was opening my battered heart.  More and more. It soothed my soul and started to heal my exhausted physical body. In other words, I discovered these collages were facilitating my inner integration on a very deep level. Soon I started receiving feedback from other energetically and visually-sensitive people. They were telling me my art was “doing something to them”, initiating their own emotional/spiritual healing processes.

How I create my healing art?

I create them when I am in hightened states of consciousness/profound contemplative states. While tuning into the theme of a particular collage, I undergo a deep transformational process myself first. That’s how I get to know what each collage does energetically. For this very reason completing collages that cover the most emotionally triggering topics often takes a looong time, in some cases even… years. I channel or “download” each art collage in stages. I continue working on a particular collage only when it gets “activated” again, after I have integrated its energies in my own system. Some collages that I started almost three years ago. Such is the level of spiritual/emotional difficulty!

When making my artwork, I seek harmony out of mismatched elements.  I create a completely new work of art, harmonious in terms of color and form. Multidimensional. As my personal mission is to reconcile qualities that are seemingly unreconcilable – fire within water, light within dark, hot within cold, the old paradigm Masculine and the Feminine, I  cut all elements in my collages into the shape of waves (the Feminine) and flames (the Masculine). I match motifs, shapes and colors in a way that makes them “coöperate” rather than “compete”. It’s supposed to be a love affair, not a war. Maybe even a happy marriage?

As I cut the elements of my collages very precisely with my hands, I can see potential in everything and so in my creative process I not only use images taken from old paper magazines, calendars and postcards but also from materials that seem to have nothing to do with visionary art, such as boxes of paper tissues, all sorts of advertising booklets (perfume, books and jewelry), product catalogues, paper tea/herb boxes or gift bags etc. In other words, I use everything that “calls on me”. My only criteria: it has to be esthetic, colorful and appeal to me with its message.

It’s of great importance to me personally that I do art upcycling, which means I transform waste materials and seemingly useless or just unwanted things into new “products” of higher value, that is into my art collages. In this way I express my deep respect and gratitude for Mother Earth and her valuable resources. I don’t like wasting.


Nothing is randomly chosen in my artwork – neither plant and animal motifs, nor shapes or colours. I dare say I’ve been divinely guided to use recurring motifs and materials to design a kind of “energetic self‐regulating system” with “secret passages” leading from one collage to another. The titles, mysterious as they sound, are very important – they are like keys unlocking specific “energetic locks” in us.

Why to work with my collages and how to do it?

You might be asking “What’s that got to do with me?” A lot, because “what we are healing in ourselves, we are helping to transform in all (Matt Kahn, Everything Is Here to Help You).

Working with my collages is very simple – you just contemplate them with the intention of opening to receiving your highest good for the benefit of all, whatever it might turn out to be. Though it may seem otherwise, we often know what we want but we have no idea what we truly need. However, the Limitless Universe always “knows it for us” and it’s a reeeally good idea to trust it, freeing ourselves from the need to control Life.

Who are my collages designed for?

For curious experimenters, emotionally and spiritually brave. For those “who have eyes to see and ears to hear”. And for those who believe… in miracles. For those whose current mindset can contain the idea that staring at the right image with the right intention may help to integrate inner shadows and splits. Because magic and miracles are just a shift in perception, and reasonable is lowering the bar of miraculous (Matt Kahn, Reclaim Your Power). There are countless signs that we have been collectively “hacked” by left-brain perception. And when we look at the world mainly through the lens of what’s logical, we cut ourselves from the only true magic – the magick of an open Heart.

How to choose the most suitable collage for the current phase of your inner journey?

From my experience, the most suitable collage for someone is always the one that is evoking an emotional reaction (which can be accompanied by some sensations in their body). It’s best to choose with your right, illogical brain hemisphere.  Feel the collages with your senses first, and read the descriptions afterwards. Try not to be too influenced by them. Selecting a collage based mainly on its description may be a subconscious attempt to bypass some stages of your journey of integration, e.g. “I’ll take the collage for attracting abundance because I could use more money”. The collage that is the most “hypnotizing” to you is the one to start with. From what I feel, you are chosen by the collage, not the other way round.

Wishing you the most miraculous journey within!

Milena Bianga


Kiedy wiele lat temu, w Muzeum Ikon w Supraślu, miejscu niezwykłym i pięknym, usłyszałam słowa przewodniczki o świetle w ikonie, które pada na nas, oświetlając naszą duszę, oraz o tym, że ikona właściwie modli się za nas, poczułam niezwykły dreszcz, bo oto przez mikromoment dotknęłam czegoś najgłębiej prawdziwego. Potem wielokrotnie odczułam osobiście, że ikony nie są po prostu obrazami, chociaż też nimi są. Kolaż „W sercu lasu”/„Z sutry lotosu”, który ja nazwałam na swój prywatny użytek „Mój buddyjski Jezus”, jest właśnie takim specyficznym wizerunkiem, który wydaje z siebie światło i kontaktuje się z człowiekiem. Tu uogólniam, ale jestem pewna, że rezonuje z wieloma ludźmi. Na pewno stwarza relację kontaktu ze mną. Kiedyś, przez dość krótki czas, miałam bardzo sceptyczny i krytyczny stosunek do wizerunków świętych, Jezusa i Marii. Był to czas pomiędzy dzieciństwem i wczesną młodością a względną życiową dojrzałością – ten etap życia, kiedy wydaje nam się, że wszystko wiemy. Wszystkie prawdziwe obrazy, czyli te, które powstały z prawdziwej inspiracji, które są dziełem serca i umysłu oraz czegoś jeszcze, co wykracza poza nazywalne, zawsze do nas mówią. Można z nimi nawiązać więź, można z nimi dialogować, można otworzyć się na to, co mają nam do przekazania… Kolaż, który stworzyła Milena, jest dla mnie miejscem, gdzie spotykam Osobę i Energię, Tego, którego mogę nazwać, cytując grupę Depeche Mode, „my personal Jesus” (mój osobisty Jezus). I to jest bardzo kojące spotkanie. 

Ola Piechnik, Gdynia