Contemplating with The Gene Keys

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Disc­la­imer: I’m not a Gene Keys Guide, tho­ugh I plan to be. I’m just some­one who fell in love with the Gene Keys whi­le con­tem­pla­ting them and then trans­la­ting some of the core mate­rials of the trans­mis­sion into Polish. 

To find out which parts I’ve trans­la­ted, ple­ase visit:

What Are The Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys are a grand syn­the­sis of prac­ti­cal wis­dom to help guide you to a deeper under­stan­ding of your­self and your true poten­tial. Like a pre­cio­us tre­asu­re map, they invi­te you on a jour­ney of self disco­ve­ry to find the true higher pur­po­se of your life.”

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys. Embra­cing your higher purpose,

Decoding My Artwork with The Gene Keys

The Gene Keys have pro­ven to be incre­di­bly help­ful to me in decryp­ting the mes­sa­ges hid­den in my chan­ne­led art col­la­ges. Also, some­ti­mes I spon­ta­ne­ously chan­nel artwork whi­le reading the Gene Keys books. I disco­ve­red I had inter­wo­ven the Gene Keys into the fabric of my artwork long befo­re I con­scio­usly learnt abo­ut the­ir exi­sten­ce! How is that possi­ble? To find out, I enco­ura­ge you to watch Richard Rudd’s video on ter­mas (tre­asu­res) and ter­tons (tre­asu­re-reve­alers):

The Gene Keys: My Personal Contemplations

Below are some of the the­mes I’ve been explo­ring with the help of the Gene Keys. Soon they will beco­me essays:

  • Who loves Kali? Com­pas­sio­na­te Mask Remo­ver, or ini­tia­ting thro­ugh destruction
  • Eyes wide shut: Living under the eclip­sed sun, or “pur­ging of the prie­stho­od” (Chi­ron, The Woun­ded Healer, and the 36th Gene Key)
  • Here comes Atro­pos, Ms Scis­sors: When you’ve out­grown a relationship
  • What is true hel­ping? When “hel­ping” is disempowering
  • And her name was 44.4: Kar­mic rela­tion­ships (44th Gene Key, of course)
  • Too much to die, too lit­tle to live: Stuck betwe­en worlds
  • Giving witho­ut enti­tle­ment, rece­iving witho­ut guilt: Fake giving ver­sus giving from the heart (37th Gene Key)
  • The mesme­ri­sing power of “vam­pi­res”: Per­so­nal per­spec­ti­ve on the arche­ty­pal dyna­mics betwe­en “vam­pi­res” and “blo­od donors”
  • Via Cre­ati­va: How art has saved my life
  • Black dress, red dress: Reco­ve­ring Per­spe­ho­ne (thro­ugh the lens of the 12th Gene Key)
  • Fan­ta­stic Mr Fox: What are you ready to do to get your own way? (26th Gene Key)
  • Sky­wal­king: Daki­ni power
  • Gene­ro­us beg­gar: A real-life story
  • Veiled blo­odli­nes (44th Gene Key)
  • Is all esca­pe futi­le? Fate, desti­ny and free will
  • Pat­tern bre­aking: Insi­de job
  • Eris, The Sacred Disrup­ter (thro­ugh the lens of the 21st Gene Key)

Astro-charts “Cross-breeding” (My Professional Offer)

Deta­ils soon…

I’m wil­ling and able to con­nect your per­so­nal Gene Keys/Human Design reports with cer­ta­in astro­lo­gi­cal sym­bols, such as Sabian Sym­bols (ano­ther gre­at pas­sion of mine!), with Angels of the Zodiac etc. Accor­ding to my per­so­nal expe­rien­ce, it’s very reve­aling and adds some extra lay­ers of depth to your Gene Keys/Human Design  explorations.

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