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What we are healing in ourselves, we are helping to transform in all.
Matt Kahn, Everything Is Here to Help You

My paper art collages are energy‐encoded and are designed for simple contemplation. I create them in higher states of consciousness/profound meditative states. The gift for visionary art has opened in me as a result of doing a dharma practice called Prajña Akasagarbha (“wisdom hidden in the womb of space”), which I have learnt in the Hanmi Esoteric School of Buddhism (…). My collages serve as “mystical gates” and gazing at them facilitates self-discovery, self-healing and reaching the state of inner equilibrium and integration. They support the synchronization of our left (masculine) and right (feminine) brain hemispheres, thus helping to heal inner conflicts between the Masculine and the Feminine energies inside us.

The originals are always handmade out of paper – I cut out all elements very precisely with my hands. So how is it possible that I offer alternative versions of the same collage? I don’t create (almost) identical collages anew –  I have worked out my own technique of creating paper collages with interchangeable elements.

Copies bring about the same energetic effects as the originals. High‐quality printouts of my collages are available for purchase via my online store.

The only way out is in.
Junot Diaz, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao


More detailed information available on request.
I speak English fluently.

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Enter at your own risk… Transformative energies!